The Facts of Patti

Inspired by Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants, I decided to introduce myself to my lovely new readers with a few facts about myself. I'm so excited to get to meet you all!

Fact - Patti was my nickname growing up.
Patricia is my real name. It's also my grown up name. There are just too many mean things that rhyme with Patti. Also, my senior year of high school, around the same time that 400th person freaked out, happy clapped and sang Patty-Cake (as in Pat-a-cake) upon meeting me, I decided to go by Patricia. That song got old real quickly.

Fact - My husband and I only speak French to each other. 
We're trying to speak only in English at least once a week, so that he can learn. So far we've had trouble sticking to that resolution.

Fact - I like corny reality TV shows.
Remember The Hills? I loved it! Last season's Bachelor was the only show I watched consistently, the whole season.
Right now, I'm really into this French series called La Belle et Ses Princes Presque Charmants. It's about a group of men (half weird looking, half handsome) who try to convince a pretty girl that they're the one. It's bad you guys. Really, Really Cheesy.

Sean, You're an idiot for having let Desiree go. But I forgive you, because I'm really excited that she is the new Bachelorette!

Fact - If you send me Peanut Butter M&Ms, I will love you forever.
Really. Best Friends for Life. I can't buy them here.  :(

Fact - Currently, my entire wardrobe (not counting shoes) fits into one drawer.
When I picked up and moved to France I had to fit everything into one suitcase and one overstuffed carry-on. What do I miss the most? My huge cheap shoe collection.

Fact - I was on the dance team in High School.
Don't worry it was only for a year, and our costumes weren't always that ugly.

I'm 14 here & super dorky looking. I'm also trying to grow to out a botched dye job.

Fact - I make a really funny looking blond.
Maybe this is because I tried to lighten my dark hair with box dye.
See photo above. But it doesn't matter. I'm just not a fan. I like to go dark, dark, dark.
But not black, because once you go black you don't go back.
Guess how I learned that one...

Fact - I'm a wanna-be fashionista.
I just love my lazy, old clothes too much!
So comfy...

Fact - I have never tasted a cup of coffee, or glass of wine in my entire life.
Forgive me Beth.
I'm just not into that. See fact below.

But I did wear a prom dress for a Murder
Mystery Party!
Fact - I'm not a Republican.
This is actually a big confession for me. I've never told anyone except my husband. Many of my friends and family members are die-hard Republicans. It's just not my thing. But I don't identify myself as a democrat either. I vote for a candidate, not for a party.
Still love me, please?

Fact - I never went to the prom, because I genuinely didn't want to.  I'm not one of those girls who started hating prom because I never got asked. I got asked. I just said no. Everyone said I would regret it, but 6 years down the road, I'm still 100% satisfied with that decision. It's great if you went to prom and had an awesome time. I wasn't into it.

Fact - I have troubling finishing products.
 I'm a goo-hoarder. Just ask my husband. My shower currently has four different, open bottles of shower gel, because you never know. Maybe today I want to smell like peach-mango, and tomorrow I'll want to smell like Dove. It's better to have choices.

Fact - When I find a new favorite song, I listen to it over, and over. 
I don't get sick of my favorite things easily. Currently, I'm obsessed with Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. Seriously. I will hit replay so many times that if you're in the same room as me, you might not want to be friends anymore.

Unfortunately, Whitney's link up is no longer open. But I would love to see other girl's posts! What can I say, I'm a pretty nosy blogger. So if you have a post like this, please leave the link in the comments so that I can stalk you check it out! :)
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