That One Time When I Was Totally a Creeper

We are one of those couples who has a super cheesy love-at-first-sight story. But sadly, we were both too chicken to say anything and didn't know the other was interested for the first 7 months.

I had a major fan-girl crush on him. He was the super hot foreigner guy that made blush every time he walked into a room. Everything he did was fantastic. Even the way he said "Je t'en prie" (You're welcome) got me swooning. I had it bad for that boy.

Of course, I bragged to all my girlfriends back home about how the best looking man on the planet went to the same church as me. One of these lovely ladies asked me to prove it with pictures. She said if I didn't have a photo then it wasn't true. The problem was I wasn't sure how to go about getting his picture. Asking him would have been too embarrassing! I worried that he might think I was weird.

For some reason, I decided the best option would be to sneak a photo without him knowing instead. Yeah, because that's way less weird...

A week later, his mother invited me to a dinner party for the young adults that she had organized.

I tried to "sneak" a photo, but mine all came out weird looking.

The Future Husband
I just fail as a spy photographer.

I ended up asking his mother if she could help me take photos throughout the evening with the camera that I had brought, so that I could drool over her hot son show my mother what I was up to in France.

Dinner with the Future Husband
Here's the best photo that she took.
He's the tan hunk in a striped shirt.

Unfortunately, I also ended up with a bunch of photos that I really didn't care for. At least I had this gem. I was so proud when I sent this photo to my girlfriends back in the states. It didn't even bother me that I had to be a total creeper to get it!

I got a photo of the most beautiful man in the world. I was happy. :)

You can read the rest of our love story {here} if you'd like.

What has been the weirdest/creepiest thing that you've done while dating (or trying to date) a guy? Please tell me I'm not the only one who's a complete dork!


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