Lies They Tell You About Living Abroad

1. The food is better.

Every country has great cooks. Every country has terrible cooks. Sure, the food can be new, different, and exciting. But if you arrive in a new country thinking that they food will be better in general, prepare to have your bubble burst. I've had some of my worst food experiences in Italy - think watered-down Heinz tomato sauce on overcooked pasta at 20€ a plate. It happens. Speaking of gross foreign food, make sure you check out the gross green thing that Amanda had to eat in South Korea. You'll be saying God Bless America in no time! 

2. I'm sure you'll be fluent after a few weeks!

No. Just no. Prepare yourself for months and months of misunderstandings and hand . Just wait for that humbling moment after you think you might finally get it when you hear a four year old speaking, and you realize that you have about the same grammar level. I promise it does get better, but only after a lot of studying and lots of headaches. It definitely does not get better after a weeks.

3. International romances/flings never work out in the long run.

I really believed this before meeting Monsieur Right. Now I know better.

4. Everyday will be an adventure!

Nope. You will have many days filled with adventure. But sometimes you will realize that you have the day off, so you will sit home all day watching Friends reruns in your pajamas and eating Peanut Butter by the spoonful. So glamorous!

5. Don't worry! Your university diploma will be valid in another country.

Hahaha... No. I unfortunately learned this one the hard way. The exception to this are engineering and computer science diplomas. Those are valid almost anywhere. Anything else? Not necessarily/probably not valid. Spent 10 years studying to be a pharmacist and then decided to move to another country? You get to start over at zero! Make sure you thoroughly look into the job search process before moving abroad.

6. If you are unhappy with your lot in life moving abroad will make things better.

Fact: A grumpy, whiny person in America is a grumpy, whiny person in Europe. 


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