Pardon My French

I might get in trouble for today's post.

Are you ready for a French lesson?

I finally figured out where the expression "Pardon my French" comes from while ordering a McFlurry from MacDo (that's the hip term in France for McDonald's - pronounced *Mac-Dough).

I've been trying to convince Monsieur Right (the hubby) that practically every English swear word has an innocent French equivalent. In fact, we were just having this argument before heading out for our MacDo run. M. Right shrewdly pointed out that there is no equivalent for the D word, which he recently learned while watching Friends. (He likes watching it in English with French subtitles, so that he can hear their real voices.)

Fastforward to that evening. I go to order my dessert and the cashier starts listing the available stir-ins. Imagine my delight when he offers me a "d*mn" McFlurry. Turns out it's spelled Daim, but that's not how the Frenchies pronounce it. I grinned at M. Right, and ordered that Daim McFlurry.

I run into this kind of situation a lot. When first learning French, I was slightly offended. But now I find it rather hilarious. Especially when M. Right makes an effort to speak English and asks me inappropriate questions. I had to train him before he met my parents not to ask where the douche was.

Biche -  Literally, it's a female deer, but it also means darling, honey, or sweetie pie.

Phoque (It's pronounced the way it's spelled) - A seal

Sh*t - Hash

Douche - Shower

Ace (Pronounced like the beginning of the word association) - Ace, like in a deck of cards.

This is the most vulgar post I've ever written. Sorry mom. Learning new languages is fun, isn't?


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