French Beauty Favorites - Part 1

If you're a product-junky, you just might die of happiness if you ever go into a French pharmacy. 

They are nothing like Walgreens or your standard neighborhood drugstore. Whenever you're sick (emergencies excluded), this is where you want to go. You tell the pharmacist your problem, and they give you everything you need to get fixed up - or tell you to get into a doctor. Magic. And there's one on practically every corner!

They also sell magic creams and potions that make your skin super pretty, prevent wrinkles, get rid of zits, clean your teeth, make you smell good, and are hypoallergenic - All at the same time! I'm only slightly exaggerating...

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by them. I am hoping to eventually work my way through her list, but I've made some discoveries of my own that I'm quite happy with. You find the products I'm featuring today through Amazon, though it's much cheaper if you pick them up in France. 

So light, smells great, a good base under make-up, oil free AND there's an SPF 20. Since coming to France, I've tried a lot of brands for "young skin" as they call it, and they tend to a) pill up underneath my foundation b) break me out c) smell funky OR d) all of the above. Pharmacy creams are the same price and the quality is SO much better.

My husband and I are converts to this stuff. My teeth have never felt so clean! In France this stuff is about $5 for a big tube. It has prescription strength fluoride and is a miracle toothpaste for preventing cavities.

A lot celebrities swear by this stuff. It really makes your hair look like it's freshly washed and gets rid of that hair smell. Works really well even on oily hair. Definitely one of the best Dry Shampoos on the market. Great for making your blow-out last a few days longer!

An anti-blemish face wash that is super gentle and made from natural ingredients! It feels amazing and smells great. This cream's great for sensitive skin. I almost never break out anymore.  It was a real Frenchie that recommended this to me. After washing my face it doesn't feel tight or dry and doesn't get oily. I don't know how they do it, but this is definitely my HG face wash.

I saved the best for last. I heard about this product from another English Assistant in France. It works great as a spot treatment on the occasional zit, but can also be used all over the skin if you have severe acne. Not only does this clear up your acne in both the short and long term, but it also quickly reduces those little red spots that are left behind after a blemish has disappeared. But wait! It gets better. It also prevents new breakouts and prevents/reduces wrinkles. This is truly a miracle cream.

This is just the tip on the iceberg, really.

I'm thinking about doing a giveaway of some of my favorite French beauty products when I reach 200 followers. Would anyone be interested?



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